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This is the a chronology of our trip to pickup our new Oliver Elite II travel trailer. We're planning to see as many Historic Sites in this trip over the 14 days we have available.  This blogsite will feature comments and photos captured during our journey.  Hope you enjoy the stories, travel tips and pictures we share in this first 4-Ever-Hitched blog.   

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Day 1 - Everett WA to Baker City OR

The Road to Tennessee

We needed to drive from Everett WA to Hohenwald TN.  We scheduled time on the first day to stop and tour the Hanford WA - Manhattan Project National Historic Park.  During the visit we enjoyed a 3 hour bus ride and tour of the Hanford B Reactor which produced plutonium for the war effort. With this visit we've now toured the three key Manhattan Project Historic sites.  We ended the day in Baker City Oregon, one of the key stops on the Oregon Trail.

Day 2 - Baker City OR to Rock Springs WY

A happy detour

Our planned route would take us from Baker City through Boise ID, Twin Falls ID, and down I-84 to Ogden UT and I-80 across Wyoming.   However...a major road construction issue on I-84/I-86 interchange caused us to "miss the turn" and we ended up going on I-86 through Pocatello.  We adjusted our route to follow one of the main Oregon Trail paths through Lava Hot Springs and Soda Springs ID then South on US-30 through Cokeville and Kemmerer WY rejoining I-80 at Little America.  It was a great detour and actually saved us about an hour drive time....(according to the Waze App.)

Day 3 - Rock Springs WY to York, NE

Flat and fast!

Let's just say this was a big drive day.  Driving at full highway speeds (80 MPH) through Nebraska for an elapsed 11 hours with one lunch break.  Early on along this route we went through some very interesting passes in Wyoming and then across some of the wide open spaces of Nebraska.  At one point we decided to count "Westbound Semi's".  Over a 20 minute span we counted an average of 12 semi's per passenger car. (No Kidding!) 

Day 4 - York NE to Cape Girardeau MO

What....still flooding?

A mere 600 mile day.   In spite of the remaining spring flood devastation to the freeways and highways we made some time for historic stops.  At one point, the interstate was down to one lane southbound only.  We stopped in Independence MO at the Frontier Trails Museum.  Rose's great grandfather was one of the Wagon Train Leaders for over 6 overland trips.  This site was one of the main jumping off points.  As we arrived at Cape Girardeau the city had "Boil Water" orders in place due to continued flooding, so our hotel provided bottled water!  Just like the good old days on the Oregon Trail. (No Dysentery Today!)

Day 5 - Cape Girardeau MO to Linden TN - 213 Miles

Rivers to the hills!

Driving the 213 miles to Linden along the mighty Missouri River was quite interesting.  The communities along the river were all still struggling to repair their homes and businesses.  In many of the areas even the rest stops had flooded.  As we approached our hotel in the small town of Linden, we took an opportunity to wash the bug splats off the truck before our factory visit the next day.  The midwest, and in particular Missouri had some of the biggest bugs and horse flies we've ever seen.  We are spending tonight about 20 miles East of Hohenwald and will drive to Oliver Sales to pickup our trailer tomorrow.